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Continued from Here

Good. At least he wasn’t reluctant to join me here in the tub. One would think after what we’ve been doing since…How long has it been? Only yesterday? Goodness. Anyway, you’d think we’d be over the awkward stage. And yet we still seem to be asking questions if the other would like something. Asking for permission to do something. Giving hints, like I’ve done just now.

At least he can take a hint. I smile when he starts to undress. And yes, my eyes do glide over his body when he does so. He has the body of a god. So perfect, so smooth, so…touchable. The fact that I’m allowed to touch that skin makes me smile even more. Lovely, lovely skin, so close by.

Once he’s in the tub I settle back against him, leaning against that muscular chest. “Hmmm,” I agree, shivering when he drops a kiss on my shoulder. Tilting my head back I let it rest on his shoulder and look up at him drowsy. I guess that’s the hot water doing its work. Relaxing does seem to help the headache to become even les. Good.

“I’m glad you like being in here with me,” I sigh happily, “because I certainly like being in here with you. Or anyone else I’m thinking. I might stay in here until I turn into a prune.”
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