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Continued from Here

I nearly frown when he asks me what I would like to drink. But I remember just in time that this is on the 'don't do' list. "Whiskey would be nice," I say quietly. "It's in the small cabinet in the living room. Feel free to take whatever you like." And I don't mean just a drink with that. I wonder if I still have some blood in the cooler. I used to keep some there for Angel, not that he comes by a lot lately.

"And some ice for my eye would probably be helpful too." Touching my eye again, I wince when the tips of my finger poke it a little bit to hard. Damn, that's going to smart in the morning. Not to mention my head. Better be careful with the drinking, wouldn't want a hangover on top of that. That wouldn't be pleasant at all for Spike either. Having to watch me rush off to the bathroom.

"Love," I sigh, the endearment slipping out unnoticed but not unwanted. "It's not your fault. You did step back when it could've gotten far worse alright? Really, stop blaming yourself." Giving him a small smile as I pull back from the much to short kiss, I run my hand through his curls. He didn't slick his hair back like he usually does. At least, not yet. "And yes, staying out of Angel's way for a while might be a smart move. So why don't you prove to everyone that you're the smarter of the two."

Besides, I'm obviously not going anywhere for about a day or two. That would mean he could stay here. With me. Holding me. Me holding him. We could have...fun, provided he'll let me. He seems the overprotective type. Funny how I oddly enough feel the same way. But right now, some ice, some whiskey and laying down sounds just about right.
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